First Words…

While deciding on the title of this post, I saw a Facebook post where a fellow preacher talked about the first words we speak each day and when we greet someone. The list goes on from there, and I know you get the point.

However, I recently saw one of my grandchildren’s books with the same title. The design of the book was to help children with some of their first words. I think it would take a kid-genius to figure out how to pronounce these as first words.

Refrigerator, rhinoceros, broccoli, clarinet, harmonica, dandelions, octopus, and basketball were a few I thought were interesting.

I began thinking about the words we use as leaders. Do we use words that are clear and easily understood, or do they become words that would cause someone to run to the dictionary to find out what we are talking about?

The Bible speaks often of the need for us to be careful about the words we use and how we use them in communicating with others.

Leaders should be those who speak first, speak well, and speak clearly.

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