Leadership Word Of The Week…Skill-set

A skill-set involves the range of abilities of an individual. Leaders should demonstrate this range of abilities to assist them in leading others.

From a spiritual perspective, followers need leaders with the skill-sets to aid them in recognizing the vision and achieving the goals.

A couple of facts to remember about skill-sets.

1) Every leader has a skill-set(s).

2) Some skill-sets are natural. Others are and can be learned.

3) Leaders must continually work on developing and maintaining their skill-set(s).

4) The greater the skill-set(s), the greater potential for strong leadership.

What skill-sets are needed to lead others in a spiritual direction? A study of people who are men and women of faith, i.e. those listed in Hebrews 11, will provide a great starting point for learning the skill-sets most helpful for leadership.

When leaders develop and use these skill-sets, there will always be a willingness to follow. An added bonus is that these type of leaders encourage leadership development for others.

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