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“If the rate of change inside an organization is less than the rate of change outside the organization…their end is in sight.” Jack Welch

Change can be an ugly word and, if done improperly, can bring the end by itself.

While change is necessary, we should remember not all change is good.

Change is essential in our relationship with God. The Bible uses a different word – repent – but the definition is the same…change.

Change begins in the mind. Until we have the information to explain the need for the change, any attempts to bring change are futile.

Change in the mind is followed by change of action. Once we understand the need for the change, our actions should reflect the benefit of such knowledge. If not, one would question if we really understand the need.

The first challenge facing leaders is understanding how to communicate the need for change and implementing it timely.

The second challenge is to make sure the change inside keeps up in an appropriate way with the change outside.

Doing so will ensure success and prevent the end.

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