Leading The Most Unlikely… Part 2

To lead the most unlikely, we have to see the unseen, or as they are often described, the invisible. What do I mean by invisible?

The invisible are people we cannot see. Yes, but why?

Perhaps it is the color of their skin, the type of clothes they wear, the home where they live (or lack thereof), the way they smell, of perhaps the lack of personal hygiene.

Maybe we do not want to see because we are afraid of the responsibility.

The possibility exists that we cannot see because of preconceived ideas. After all, they made their own choices, right? Why don’t they just get a job?

Have we ever pulled up to a stop sign / light and someone is standing with a sign asking for help? Do we look at them? Do we turn our head acting as if no one is there? Do judgmental thoughts run through our mind?

Before we start thinking yes, but…I am not talking about them or their motives. I am talking about you and me.

It is difficult to lead those who are invisible to us. Think about it!

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