Leading The Most Unlikely…

My studies these past two months have been intensely challenging to how I live out what I believe and see taught in God’s word.

Let me clarify up front, I know that everyone needs the gospel.

I have heard numerous stories of the difficulties in reaching those who are more affluent in this world with the gospel. This is often the case when participating in campaigns.

We know this is true, regardless of the reasons we might present to the reality of the situation.

My concern? If we know that God has chosen the poor in this world to be rich in faith, and the receptivity is higher, then why are we not making greater efforts to lead the most unlikely to the Lord?

Do we exert the majority of our efforts to teach the gospel to those who seemingly feel as if they do not need God because they have plenty in this life?

Should we not spend more effort leading those who have little or nothing in this life to a greater understanding of what God has prepared for us?

More next week…

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