Who’s Leading Who?

I am often amused at the way children, at a very early age, learn how to manipulate (for a lack of better words) situations within their family.

I do not mean manipulate in a derogatory sense, but rather knowing how to get what they want or need.

The question I am left with, regarding parents and their children is: who is really leading who?

We would all agree that parents are responsible for leading their children, but often times children are the ones who lead their parents.

While we know this is not the design God intended for the family, we often see the same develop within the church.

Leadership has often allowed followers to do the leading. Why? Is it because leaders are afraid someone will be offended? Is it because leaders lack the knowledge to address the situation appropriately? Is it because leaders do not understand their true biblical role?

We could speculate all day, but in the end leaders must approach this God given task with the earnest desire to lead, and lead as God has directed.

2 comments on “Who’s Leading Who?

  1. We were discussing this last Wednesday in our leadership class. One reason some will not be decisive is because they do not want to be responsible for the outcome. Good thoughts, Don.

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