Leadership Word Of The Week…Guarantee

“There are no guarantees.” I have heard this most of my life. Yet, a guarantee simply involves a promise or assurance that certain conditions will be fulfilled. The idea provides a foundation of certainty regarding the outcome.

The problem we often face with a guarantee is the fact we want to use and abuse what we have with the guarantee the product will still look and function like new. If this is our thinking, then there are no guarantees.

Sadly, we do the same concerning leadership. We use and abuse leaders expecting them to lead with the same enthusiasm and passion as they began.

Perhaps the problem is not in the leader, but in the follower. Instead of using and abusing leadership, if we provide support and encouragement, then we just might find that our leaders are able to fulfill the specific conditions necessary to assure followers of the outcome.

Concerning leadership, as I have also heard most of my life, never make a promise we cannot keep. As leaders we must be a people of our word. Now that is a guarantee worth following.

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