The Sweet Spot…

I am an average golfer, but I do enjoy the sport when I have opportunity to play…about once a year. Perhaps this is why I am just an average golfer.

Regardless, it seems to only take hitting the sweet spot one time when connecting with the golf ball to make a good day.

The sweet spot is that place on the face of the golf club that, when contacting with the golf ball, produces the sweetest sound, smoothest feel, and furthest distance.

Our leadership is based on a similar principle. Challenges and problems can often take the wind out of our leadership sails. During these times we begin thinking we should just give up, find another job, or take up underwater basket weaving.

However, in those times when the contact is right, it produces the sweetest moment and encourages us to keep on going.

We need to remember our leadership is making a difference. No one ever promised this path would be easy or comfortable. However, we are promised it will be worth. This is why we strive to lead others to Christ. Think Souls!

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