Is It Really A Waste Of Time?

How many times have we heard someone say, “You are wasting your time.”

Perhaps we were establishing a plan for us personally or for our group, working on a project, or simply striving to get others actively involved.

As we give our energies, time and talent to achieve success, there is that little voice saying, “What you are doing is not making any difference. You are wasting your time.”

The list of “time wasters” could consume an entire week of posts and beyond. Life is filled with them.

However, leading is never a waste of time.

How can it be a waste of time when we are involved in leading someone to Christ?

How can it be a waste of time leading others to a greater life of faithfulness?

The number of “wasters” working to attack the use of our time will never end. The choice is ours in how we are going to deal with those events when they occur.

Always remember that leadership is never a waste of time for the one we are leading. Think Souls!

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