Settling In For The Long Haul…

I have enjoyed running for a number of years. I am not a fast runner, but I enjoy feeling somewhat in good physical shape.

I have picked up on a number of lessons through reading and experience in my effort to be more of a distance runner.

The challenge most runners face is trying to go too fast too soon. The muscles become fatigued and the possibility of distance fades in the dust.

A second challenge runners face is the proper balance of fluids and fuel. Running burns a number of calories and without proper fuel, there is no energy. Dehydration can also prevent runners from really enjoying this exercise activity.

Granted, running may not be for everyone. Your choice may be something else, or nothing at all.

I have learned there are a number of lessons that parallel with leadership.

Trying to accomplish too much too quickly rarely creates a long lasting affect for leadership.

A proper balance of spiritual nutrition is vital for long lasting leadership.

Remember, leadership is never a sprint, it is always about settling in for the long haul.

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