Prerequisite For Leadership…

If we were going to pick one prerequisite for leadership, what would we select?

Perhaps we would suggest the necessity of being a good communicator. There is no doubt, good leadership is built on good communication.

Maybe we would select the need for character. Again, character is not only a needed quality in leadership, we could say it is essential to being a good leader.

We might believe the best route is one of leadership ability. If there is something needed in leadership, we would all agree it is nearly impossible to lead without ability.

While I realize choosing one prerequisite for leadership can be subjective, I have learned over the years the prerequisite we need is a relationship with God.

Leaders will fail miserably when trying to go it alone.

Leaders will blindly falter when leading from a humanistic vantage.

Leaders will suffer needlessly when seeking guidance from worldly wisdom.

Only with the guidance, strength, and help of the Almighty God can we lead with the foundational prerequisite for successful leadership. See Joshua 1:1-9.

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