Everyday’s A Holiday…

A friend of mine in Arkansas used to tell me this every time I asked how he was doing; “Everyday’s a holiday.”

I do not pretend to know, nor do I intend to explore, all this statement means or could mean, but I do want to think about the attitude behind it.

Life is about how we approach it. If we make up our mind to approach life with a negative attitude, then all we see will be through the lens of negativity.

However, if we choose to approach life with the “everyday’s a holiday” attitude, then what we see will be through the lens of positivity.

Biblically, this is the idea behind the word “blessed.” The quality of being blessed is one that cannot be affected by outside circumstances. There is an inner quality that exists regardless of the storms of life that may be blowing.

Whether we are poor in spirit, mourning, hungry, thirsty, or persecuted for the cause of Christ, we are blessed.

If we really look closely, we will also find that being blessed is a choice. Maybe everyday really is a holiday.

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