What’s Up With The Weather?

For those who live in Colorado, you know exactly what I mean, and it may be the same wherever you live. The spring is always an interesting time of the year, one day we have sunshine and 75 – 80 degrees, and the next we have 25 degrees and 8 inches of snow.

As crazy as it may sound, this type of weather is fairly normal for the time of year. Inconsistency is about the only thing consistent. However, there is a comparison to our leadership.

Do people see us come in one day in perfect form, everything is excellent, and the next day cold and stormy, leaving everyone wondering how they should act, or what they should say?

Obviously, I cannot answer the question for you or anyone else. I mention this thought because it is not uncommon for there to be uncertainty among followers because of inconsistency among leaders.

Leadership involves a process by which we learn to demonstrate the consistent qualities of godliness so followers know exactly what to expect.

When we do, the strength of our leadership will shape the lives of others with the same standard.

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