One Great Leader…

Eight days ago my father passed away. His death was unexpected and it was not a phone call I anticipated receiving. As a tribute to him, this week I am going to share various ways my father filled the role of a great leader by the influence he had on many, especially me.

One area my father demonstrated great leadership was the kind of friendship he demonstrated. He was a great friend and leader because he pointed people to heaven. Nothing was more important.

He was one of the best personal workers I have ever known. His approach and style of studying the gospel with others was one of kindness. He was gentle and patient. He had an ability to make others not only feel special, but feel as if they were the most important person in his life and lead them to an understanding of what God’s word teaches.

He was a great leader because he knew how to lead others to Christ and provide an example in training others to do the same.

My prayer is that we will learn from his leadership and point others to heaven.

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  1. It was an amazing blessing to have known him. We’ll all miss him.

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