One Week Later…

One week ago today, we laid my father to rest. The past week has given me much time to reflect on a life of memories shared as his son.

I am thankful for the godly man who was my father. His influence continues to shape who I am and who I am is the direct result of his leadership.

I never really understood the idea of wishing for one more opportunity to talk to him…until now. There are so many questions I would ask and so much appreciation I would express.

I am thankful that the last thing I said to him on the phone just a few days before he passed away was “I love you.”

I agree with the thought expressed numerous times over the last week concerning why we wait until someone we love is gone to tell them how we feel.

I have learned the value of preplanning for all that must be done after passing from this life.

One week later has increased my gratitude for the blessing I have been given in my father and the need to be a blessing to my children.

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