The Model…

My admiration for the man who was a model for my life as a husband, father, grandfather, and friend continues to grow as I contemplate my life with him.

A model provides an example worth following or emulating. Considering the memories of a life shared with such a good man, I realize the model my father provided for me.

He served as a model of the Christian life. He was not perfect and he did not claim to be. He portrayed the life of a man who worked with his imperfections and made every effort to improve how he approached life.

He served as a model of a preacher. It thrills me to know how he loved to preach. I do not mean enjoyed it, but he lived to preach. He was always digging deeper and we often talked about what he was studying.

He served as a model of grace. The one word I remember hearing my dad speak about was grace. He believed, lived and trusted in God’s grace and demonstrated it to others. He held on to God’s promise.

I hope to provide the same model.

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