One Minute At A Time…

Dealing with the various emotions associated with the loss of a loved one can be very interesting and challenging.

One minute you feel perfectly fine; then, almost without warning, something happens and emotions are out of control.

I am told this is normal and I know emotional stability improves with each passing day.

Through this experience a number of leadership insights have been seen and learned.

Considering the emotional roller coaster each person faces in life, I realize leadership can be needed more on a “one minute at a time” basis, rather than “one day at a time.”

Changes often occur from one minute to the next and leaders need to be prepared to lead even when the changes are emotionally driven.

Stability results when leaders give themselves to resolve the various issues whenever they occur.

I am thankful for the examples of leaders around me whose leadership has provided stability through some of the greatest challenges I have experienced.

Leaders must strive daily to achieve greater stability in their own lives to help provide stability for others.

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