Take A Moment To Catch Your Breath…

Few areas of life are more challenging than taking time to just breathe. I am amazed at how often God has a way of working in our lives to help us see the need to “stop and smell the roses.”

I have seen a strong work ethic from both family and friends. On both sides of my parents, family life was about some level of farming. My grandparents, as well as aunts and uncles, relied on raising a garden for food, hunting and fishing for meat, and milking cows for financial means.

As I recall, there was never a time when something did not need to be done. Life was full…and busy.

I understand the reality of the old adage “the older I get the faster time goes by.” As I age, and the pace of life steadily increases, I realize more the need to take a moment to catch my breath.

Leaders will always have something that needs to be done. We need to establish proper priorities and develop a strong work ethic, but occasionally, we need to take a moment to catch our breath.

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