What Happens When Leadership Fails? Part 2

Few areas are more challenging than considering what happens when leadership fails. The main reason is because it is accompanied by a loss of trust and respect.

The task before leaders is learning what to do to regain trust and respect when it has been lost.

We begin with considering three negatives: 1) do not try to ignore or deny the failure, 2) do not attempt to cover the failure up, and 3) never blame someone else for the failure (this only worsens the situation).

Instead, there are four positives needed: 1) admit the failure (chances are the followers already know about the failure), 2) be specific about the failure (a general statement does not speak to an understanding of the consequences associated with the failure), 3) ask for forgiveness (saying this is essential to regaining trust and respect is an understatement), and 4) give a step by step plan for overcoming the failure (it is one thing to admit the failure, but another to know how to deal with and overcome the failure).

Additional areas could be considered, but a simple upfront approach is where the healing begins.

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