A Very Present Help In Trouble…

The thought of this Psalm is extremely comforting. God is our strength and refuge. As such, He is the help that is present when we face trouble.

As we consider the application of this Psalm, there are so many areas in our lives today where it fits.

When the trouble we face is one of loss: a friend, family member, position, possession, or health; God is the help we need.

We are comforted in knowing God is the help provided in the times we suffer most, but where does this help come from?

God’s help comes from His word. Throughout scripture we find strength, comfort and guidance to help us in times of trouble.

God’s help comes through prayer. It is not by accident that scripture indicates we are to cast all our cares upon Him, because He cares for us.

God’s help comes from others. One of the best ways leadership is demonstrated is through providing strength, comfort and guidance.

We receive great peace from God when we apply these three areas during those times of trouble.

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