How Did I Get Here?

Have you ever found yourself asking: how did I get here? This is a common question asked when…

…principles are compromised and the consequences are greater than expected.

…plans are not implemented and the impending results end in failure.

…guidelines are not established and chaos emerges within the organization.

…tragedy strikes and no steps were taken to prepare for the event or outcome.

The list could go on, but the point is the same. When we find ourselves at a place we did not intend, desire, or plan for, we wonder “how did I get here?”

The question is legitimate. However, knowing how we get where we are is the not the question we should ask and answer.

The question we need to ask and answer is: what are we going to do now to move forward?

I am not taking anything away from the benefit of learning from the journey. How we got here is important, but it is more important to know what we do from this point.

As spiritual leaders, we need to help guide those who find themselves in difficult circumstances to a better place of hope.

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