Keeper Of The Flame…Or Flashlight

The lessons learned while watching old Andy Griffith episodes can be helpful. One specific episode was titled Keeper of the Flame. Andy began to doubt Opie’s denial of involvement in burning down another man’s barn based on circumstantial evidence. However, he learned a great lesson about the need to trust his son, even though Opie would not reveal “all” the information.

Opie did not give any information to his father because he had sworn an oath to his club that had made him “keeper of the flame,” a small candle used during their secret club meetings.

Three lessons stood out as important. The first is that leaders must learn not to judge according to appearance or circumstantial evidence, a biblical concept taught by Jesus.

A second lesson is leaders should trust those who have established character, even though they withhold information because of confidentiality.

The third lesson is be careful about allowing others to influence decisions when the evidence is only circumstantial.

In the end, Andy makes Opie the “keeper of the flashlight” to prevent possible misunderstandings in the future. Leaders can use these lessons to prevent the same.

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