Leadership Thought Of The Day…

“Always give without remembering; always receive without forgetting.” William Barclay

Initially, it seemed appropriate to let the thought for the day stand alone. The thought expressed by Barclay in these eight words is incredibly powerful. Two major ideas are connected to this thought.

The first idea lays a foundation for sacrifice. Leaders give of their time and ability to help others. It demands their attention and willingness to see others reach their greatest potential in relationship to God and His church. “Whatever it takes” becomes the mindset of spiritual leaders who sacrifice their own will for the will of God as it is directed in His word.

The second idea engages an approach of selflessness. The two ideas are so interrelated it becomes difficult to distinguish them. However, the difference is seen in the action of one and the motivation of the other. Effective leadership will make sacrifices, but the reason they make them is the selfless heart seen in the servant of God.

Again, the thought above speaks for itself, but the ideas related to it help all of us lead with the right actions and motives.

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