Leadership Word Of The Week…Primal

Before we begin thinking about the early stages of evolutionary development, the idea behind this word also carries the impetus of something that is essential or foundational.

Nothing could more essential than spiritual leadership. Nothing could be more foundational to eternity than spiritual leadership.

How does the idea of primal apply to the surroundings of leadership?

Primal comes from a Latin word meaning “first.” The idea relates to the beginnings, first things, primary, essential and foundational elements of all that is connected to life: intellectually, physically, emotionally, and physically.

When thinking about leadership, the need is evident to understand the primary / first elements that must be in place for the success of our leading.

These elements are the building blocks of all leaders: integrity, honesty, strong work ethic, passion, confidence in God, discipline, and balance.

There will always be additional elements to include, but these are primal to leadership.

Using these as a foundation, leaders can build strength and character that provides hope for everyone who follows. Think Souls!

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