Leadership Word Of The Week…Risk

Risk involves the possibility of danger or harm, as well as, a person or thing regarded as likely to turn out well or badly within a particular context.

There can be no risk, low risk and high risk, but risk is going to be involved in leadership.

The key to understanding the role of this word in leadership is learning how not to fear risk, but manage it instead.

A number of websites provide powerful information about risk management, especially where it applies to areas of leadership.

However, two thoughts came to mind in application of the risks involved for spiritual leaders:

1) What are the risk factors involved if we decide not to lead others to Christ?

2) What are the risks of waiting, or procrastinating, to lead them?

When we honestly look at how the risks weigh out in the direction of our leadership, from a spiritual perspective, we will find the possibility of danger or harm involved is found when we are unwilling to take the risk.

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