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“Live the way you would want others to live, but do not expect it of them.” Chase Turner

When leaders place expectations on others to measure up to the standard of behavior they have established for themselves, disappointment will result.

What this thought teaches us can be laid out quite simply.

First, we need to stop measuring others by our own behavior, even if that behavior is right. The problem is we become judges of the conduct and motives of others.

Second, we limit the potential of others if we are constantly frustrated when they fail to conduct themselves accordingly. We often limit our leadership when we are frustrated with others.

Third, everyone is at a different level of maturity. Not everyone has benefited from the same family background, education, life experience, or spiritual growth opportunities.

If we would learn to focus on developing our own standard of conduct, constantly measure ourselves by the example of Christ, and nurture our relationships with others to help them do the same, then we are developing true leadership.

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  1. fd4tht says:

    One of my favorites, and a much-needed lesson for us all. Thanks for what you do!

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