Deep Mentoring…

Randy Reese and Robert Loane, authors of this book, provide a guide to developing leaders.

Several sections of this book resonate powerfully with how to prepare future leaders. Four elements lay the groundwork for developing leaders: 1) a deepening work, 2) a particularizing work, 3) a hospitable work, and 4) a patient work.

One specific element, especially noteworthy, involves a deepening work that focuses on growing leaders.

Leadership development must dig below the surface to honor people by listening to how they talk about their lives, contexts, and future dreams.

Appropriate questions must be asked to determine how to assist people on their journey to a mature relationship with Christ.

Above all, people need to know there is hope. People must know there is something beyond the physical plight of life. Without hope, people lose the desire to develop as leaders.

The ideas presented by Reese and Loane are paralleled with biblical examples left by Jesus and the apostles for developing leaders.

What are we doing today to develop leadership for the future?

Reese, Randy D. and Robert Loane. 2012. Deep Mentoring: Guiding Others on Their Leadership Journey. Downers Grove: InterVarsity Press.

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