Leadership Word Of The Week…Gratitude

Two of the most unused, yet the most needed and powerful, words are “thank you.” To be thankful and express appreciation are descriptions of the leadership word of the week.

The primary purpose is not to spend the entire post focused on areas for which leaders should be thankful, but rather to consider why leaders should be thankful.

Leaders should be thankful because…

1) God has placed them in this position to glorify Him as a leader.

2) The opportunity to influence others for the Lord is the greatest work on earth.

3) Hope is the message provided through godly leaders.

4) Others are trusting in leaders to show them the way.

5) Leadership is making a difference on an eternal scale.

More answers could be provided if space and time allowed, but suffice it to say that leaders must recognize why they should be thankful as much as understanding the need to show gratitude.

Our God is great and He has given us leaders!

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