Too Many Choices…

Visiting any retail store reveals the multiple choices available. Very little is as simple as only one choice.

Consider something as simple as soap. There are hundreds of soaps available: laundry, bath, dish, liquid, antibiotic, foam, etc.

Along with these choices, there are innumerable name and generic brands. Plus, the purpose of the cleansing agent needed influences the type of soap to look for and the amount.

The issue of choice is not only found in the area of soap. Go to any store and consider the choices available on any product. At times, it becomes overwhelming to determine exactly what is needed. Sadly, the same ideas affect people’s thoughts about religion.

A study of leadership also reveals the challenge of making choices. The choice made by leaders can make the difference in success or failure, so what choice(s) should be made?

Sadly, many choices must be made by trial and error. Only after the results of the choice are seen can another decision be made concerning the appropriate direction to take.

Nothing is more significant than leading others to make the choice about their eternal destiny. Think Souls!

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