Leadership Word Of The Week…Strategic

Defining strategic involves long-term aims and interests and the means of achieving them.

Last week I had the privilege of interviewing the Director of Strategic Leadership at the University of Tennessee, Dr. Kate Atchley.

During the interview Dr. Atchley related the questions each student must answer coming into the program as part of the entrance assessment.

Where are you as a leader?

What kind of leader do you want to be?

What is the gap between these two points?

What kind of plan needs to be developed to bridge the gap?

This type of self evaluation is essential for advancing a strategic plan for leadership development. Each leader must consider where they are and where they want to be, and only when leaders understand the specifics of what separates these two points can a strategy be developed to narrow the gap and become the leader desired.

While the assessment is part of a business leadership model, the spiritual application also has powerful implications.

The relevant question to consider is, “Are we bridging the gap between where we are and where we want (or perhaps need) to be?”

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