A Word Spoken In The Right Circumstance…

Solomon relates the value of a word spoken in the right circumstances “like apples of gold in settings of silver.”

The analogy emphasizes the value of speaking the right words at the right time.

Very few principles carry more weight in leadership than this one. When leaders speak the right words at the right time it strengthens their leadership immeasurably.

The challenge is how to develop this ability. What will assist leaders in developing this quality?

1) Learn to actively listen. One of the best attributes to learning what to say at the right time is to listen intensely at what is and is not being said by others. There are times the silence speaks more to the need than the actual words.

2) Think long and hard before speaking. The most common tendency is to speak as soon as the thought crosses our mind. More than one relationship has been damaged because someone spoke something off color, harshly, or in anger without thinking of how the words might affect someone else.

These two principles lay a powerful foundation to a word spoken in the right circumstance.

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