Leadership Word Of The Week…Contingency

The idea of a contingency indicates a provision for future possibilities. When circumstances change the course of action, a contingency should be in place.

The one consistency facing leadership today is change. Apart from the changes in fields such as technology, science, medicine, etc., people and circumstances change!

When leaders cast the vision, pointing others to the goal, and establishing the plans to reach the goal, there will be change. Several questions need to be considered when thinking about the word for the week.

What contingency is in place for the time when changes occur?

Are the consequences of a contingency minimal?

Will the contingency create a loss of morale for followers?

Who will implement the contingency during the transition?

How will the contingency affect the overall vision and goals?

When is the appropriate time to initiate the contingency?

The questions may not always be the easiest to answer, but having a contingency can help negotiate the challenges that occur when change is inevitable.

The old adage “to be forewarned is to be forearmed” does have merit when leading others.

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