Leading The Unwanted… Part 2

Several reasons explain why we avoid getting involved in leading people who would be considered “unwanted.”

However, we also need to consider the nature of excuses often made to keep from getting involved.

Again, the list is not exhaustive.

1) They are not interested.

2) We are not prepared to handle their baggage.

3) They might steal something?

4) They are just cons.

5) The government helps them.

Initially, I was going to write beside each excuse, but I believe the thoughts stand alone. One of the major problems with each statement is the pronouns: “they, them, their.”

The tendency is to see people more as an object than a person. We build contrasts between us and them, a barrier that is separated by excuses used to justify inactivity.

I am aware there have been abuses, cons, stealing, etc. Sadly, we allow these situations to paint the picture for the whole, and write the whole off.

We are offended when the same is done to us, so why do we allow ourselves to fall into the same trap?

This is not an easy task, nor is it comfortable, but it is needed.

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