Leading The Unwanted…Part 3

Leading people who are unwanted is challenging. Instead of allowing fears or preconceived ideas to be an excuse for getting involved, we need to find the appropriate avenues to be involved and make a difference.

There are two main questions to consider: Why? and How? The first we will consider this week and the second next week.

Why should leaders be troubled with trying to lead those who are unwanted?

First, because every person was created in the image of God. The beauty of this thought should motivate leaders to reach out with the same compassion God demonstrates toward us.

Second, leadership is about people. We are not leading objects, but people. Until leaders look through the eyes of God and the lens of humanity, this thought will be challenging.

Third, we would want someone to lead us if the roles were reversed. It is very difficult in the midst of prosperity to see a self-image of reversed circumstances and picture the need.

Fourth, the need for salvation overrides any possible reason for inactivity. Everyone needs Christ and Christ died for everyone. Think Souls!

More next week…

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