Focusing On Goals…

Goals are vital to the success of any group or organization. Sadly, as leaders, our tendency is to see goals more as vague wishes.

These goals are usually cased in phrases like: “this year we want to do more…” or “our goal is to be more…” or “we need to increase…”

Goals should be framed with specifics that can be measured. Goals should be achievable, involve action, and be realistic. We must also see the need to set a time for achieving them.

For example: “over the next 6 months we will read the Old Testament,” or “in the next 12 months we want to share the gospel with 24 new people.” These goals meet all the requirements stated.

Short and long term goals are also key components to developing plans for moving forward.

Leaders need long term vision to establish goals for 25 or 30 years ahead. As well, to keep morale high and people motivated to achieve the goal(s), there must be short term goals that can be achieved.

Looking back on a few stepping stones (goals achieved) will keep everyone focused on the direction ahead.

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