Where Is Our Refuge?

One of the common themes throughout the Psalms encourages God’s people to seek refuge in Him; to trust in Him. The contrast stated in the Psalm for today’s post indicates the powerful nature of this theme. “It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man.”

The easy course of action is to be dependent upon self, otherwise noted as being “independent.” As challenging is becoming dependent upon someone else.

Such thoughts produce little more than temporary satisfaction, and usually end with some level of disappointment or discouragement.

When we are dependent upon ourselves, when we fail to achieve the desired success we become frustrated with our lack of abilities.

When we are dependent on others, when they let us down or fail to arise to our expectations, we become disillusioned to the role of humanity.

In the long run, leaders must set the example of dependence upon God. They must learn to trust Him with all their heart. They should seek to find refuge in Him, rather than themselves or others.

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