Skin In The Game…

This common phrase changes everything about how a situation, project, plan, or goal is approached.

When an individual has “skin in the game” there is a level of commitment that moves one to greater action in achieving the desired result.

Skin in the game might involve money, time, ability, or even life itself. When a leader knows they must be invested, their commitment increases, because failing to accomplish the goal will cost them something.

Leadership in the Bible seems to follow this line of thinking. David understood the need for skin in the game as he offered sacrifice to God in 2 Samuel 24:24. He would not offer anything to God that cost him nothing.

The beauty of this thought is that if leaders will invest some skin in the game, they will find followers who are willing to do the same.

Leaders will also find it is a little more difficult to just simply walk away from their charge when they are invested.

Leadership will cost us something, but what we must recognize is that with God, it is worth the investment.

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