Leadership Word Of The Week…Observant

To be observant as a leader should go without saying. The power behind the word this week is deeply tied to the defining nature of this word.

Alert: When leaders are alert they are quick to notice anything unusual or potentially dangerous. Various situations will require leaders to be alert, to act quickly. The spiritual battle that rages is one that requires leaders to be on the alert.

Watchful: Leaders who are carefully watching others and the situation are said to be watchful. Followers need those who are careful to look over the lives of those who have been entrusted to their care.

Aware: When there is a knowledge or perception of a situation or fact, leaders are aware. The challenge for leadership is learning to be aware of the background influencing the decisions, actions and words of others.

Attentive: How fitting is it that to be attentive, leaders must pay close attention to someone or something?

Other ideas could be used, but the basis for which leaders successfully lead is found in being observant. Observant leadership is not easy, it requires diligence, time, patience, and great love.

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