With All My Heart…

Throughout the book of Psalms the phrase “with all my heart” is found several times.

The Psalmist identifies some key thoughts connected to this phrase.

The most common thought is that of giving thanks. Imagine the power of leadership involved in giving thanks with all their heart.

The second thought is about seeking the Lord. Spiritual leaders cannot be effective without the drive of seeking a relationship with the Lord.

A third thought associated with this phrase is observing God’s law or word. The very foundation of leadership must be laid on God’s word.

Understanding the implication of any activity that includes all of our heart is critical to growth in relationship with God. The two words that strike to the core of these Psalms and this post are “all” and “heart.”

Do we really connect with the idea of “all?” There is no room for any measure of self when all is given to the Lord.

The idea of “heart” involves the seat of one’s emotions and existence. Here is where the very will of leadership is rooted.

With all my heart is a study worth applying.

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