For The Joy Of It…

Perhaps the title of the post better serves as an answer to the question; why do we lead?

A number of answers could be given to the question, and we must all examine the answer we would give.

There are those who lead for power. They simply want authority over others to direct and guide their movement.

Some lead because of crisis. When crisis strikes, it is common for individuals to be forced into a position of leadership.

Others lead because no one else will. Sadly, when good and godly leaders do not rise up, others will lead, but not always in the right direction.

Still, there are those who lead for the joy of it. They recognize the need, strive to develop a godly and Christlike character, and desire to see souls led to Christ.

When the combination of these three elements exist, great blessings will follow.

Even Paul referred to those who led with the wrong motives. The challenge for us is to examine why we lead and learn to lead for the joy of an eternal outcome that is worth the effort.

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