Leadership Word Of The Week…Love

Love is a word in the English language that has come to have multiple meanings. Most often it is associated with feelings. When couples first date and then marry, the feelings experienced are associated with their idea of love. Sadly, when those feelings change or no longer exist they think they do not love the other person any more.

Biblically, love is so much more, it is about seeking the highest good for the other person. Love cannot be self-directed and direct the actions of others.

When leaders do this, it is generally because of selfish, ulterior motives. Again, this is not love.

When leaders truly understand and lead out of love for the souls of others, there is a willingness to sacrifice and determination to help others find a way to heaven. A couple of ideas about leading out of love:

Love gives without expecting to receive something in return.

Love seeks opportunity to serve in all situations.

Love desires the best for others, even at the cost of personal comfort.

Let us always lead out of love and know the power it brings to leadership.

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