Like A Palm Tree…

The thought expressed in this Psalm is indicative of righteous leaders. Not only will they flourish like a palm tree, notice the way the Psalmist goes on to describe them.

Grow like a cedar in Lebanon: Leaders must be characterized by growth.

Planted in the house of the Lord: To be planted is evidence the root system is strong.

Flourish in the courts of our God: Flourishing indicates healthy development.

Yield fruit in old age: The beauty of godly leadership is the fruit it yields.

Full of sap and very green: They reflect youthful strength and vigor.

Declare that the Lord is upright: To declare such draws out purpose.

The words used to describe righteous leaders provide a greater understanding of what God can do with a leader who gives himself as a servant of the Lord.

By the help given by God, a righteous leader will not only experience the same benefits, they will also bring to followers the greatness of what God intended for leadership.

Let us lead with the righteous spirit of godliness.

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