The Testing Of Our Faith…

Speaking from experience, few people like the idea of any form of test. Students preparing for their field of work would just as soon skip any and all tests.

However, tests are certainly biblical, and spiritual leaders will always face various levels of tests throughout their leadership.

Abraham is one great example from the Old Testament that was specifically identified by the testing of his faith. “God tested Abraham” is how the text begins with the command of God for Abraham to offer his only son, Isaac, as a burnt offering.

The New Testament also speaks of the testing of one’s faith. James reveals the purpose of this testing is to produce endurance which ultimately results in completeness.

How should we respond to tests within leadership?

Prayer is where we should begin. Seek God’s guidance and wisdom throughout the test.

Hold fast to the word of God. Read about Abraham and remember the purpose of the test.

Seek the counsel of spiritual and godly leaders who have passed tests in their leadership.

Trust God to be at work making us into the leaders He wants us to be.

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