End Of The Matter…

Solomon expresses how the end is better than the beginning.

This can be challenging, at least on a personal level. However, the thought expressed is one that does indicate the satisfaction and joy that accompanies the achievement of the goal.

From a leadership standpoint, Solomon’s statement indicates one of credibility and confidence.

When leaders are able to reach the end of the matter it is an indicator of success; and success breeds credibility for those who are following.

As well, reaching the end of the matter also strengthens the confidence of the leader. As each victory is achieved, leaders grow with confidence for setting out to accomplish the next goal.

The idea is demonstrated by several individuals throughout the Bible; men like Abraham, Moses, Elijah, Peter, and Paul.

Our leadership will be no different. As leaders reach success at the end of the matter, they will anticipate the next challenge or goal and work with tireless effort to build upon their confidence to strengthen their credibility for others.

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  1. Thank you, Bob. I really needed this today!

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