Leading With Consideration…

Leadership material abounds in every bookstore throughout the world. A number of styles, qualities, characteristics, and laws / principles have been discussed in efforts to help others learn the best approach to leading.

The idea of leading with consideration takes into account all four of these areas and indicates the power of leadership to direct the future.

Leaders must show consideration to the heart of others. The challenge is not in knowing the heart of others as much as learning to consider the good intention of others first. We have become a very skeptical world. As such, we tend to question the motive or intention of everyone, including those who deserve our greatest trust.

Leaders must also give consideration to the needs of others. The needs are hard to recognize when we are only involved in superficial or surface oriented relationships. Leaders must dig below the surface to learn what is really needed and consider how to best approach providing for the need.

Consideration should be a part of a leaders daily walk in relationship to others and doing so exemplifies the compassion of great leadership.

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