Three Lettered Questions…

As fascinating as it may or may not be, there are two words with three letters each that establish the most powerful questions a leader can consider.

The first question is “why?” Beyond seeking the cause and effect, the implication behind this question is to determine the purpose connected to the decisions being made and the actions taken.

Why does this task require leadership?

Why should we pursue this direction?

Why is this work important?

Why is this the best course of action to reach our goals?

The second question to be considered is “how?” Once we understand the purpose behind the decisions or actions, we then must determine how we are going to fulfill them.

How can we help someone become a leader?

How will we accomplish the necessary task?

How should we handle the obstacles when they occur?

How can we get others involved?

These are just a few, but if leaders will take the time to ask these two questions and determine the answers, the pathway to reaching success is much clearer. Few questions could be stronger from a spiritual perspective.

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