Secret Place Of His Tent…

As David writes about his fearless trust in God, he mentions the idea of being hid in the secret place of God’s tent.

The idea that threads this Psalm indicates God’s protection, but perhaps more prevalent is the the trust of David that God will protect him.

Words like “conceal,” “hide,” “lift,” “offer,” “teach,” “lead,” and “deliver” all establish the direction of a close relationship between David and God.

Leaders need a relationship with God that exudes trust in God to provide any and every area needed to fulfill His will. How does this relationship develop?

To describe it in one word, it would be to “seek.” David sought to have this kind of relationship and leaders must do the same today.

Seek a dwelling in the house of the Lord every day of life.

Seek to behold the beauty of the Lord.

Seek to meditate in His temple.

If leaders will seek these three areas, the result cannot help but develop a greater relationship with God and with others.

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