A Moment Of Silence…

Communication is critical to the success of building relationships and reaching goals for leaders.

Leaders who communicate well are able to articulate the vision, inspire the actions of others, and strengthen the character of an organization to achieve long lasting results. This is what communication is all about.

However, the foundation for these three areas is built upon knowing the people who are involved in the work, and this requires the ability to actively listen.

Several hindrances occur when trying to listening to others: 1) we are waiting for an opportunity to speak what is on our mind. We are not listening, but formulating our own thoughts, 2) we are distracted with the activities of the environment and cannot, or will not, focus on what is being said, or 3) we really do not care about the other person.

Other possibilities exist, but if leaders will take a moment to be silent, remove distractions, focus on the person speaking, and truly listen, amazing results occur.

Leaders will build stronger relationships, encourage followers, and take steps to achieve the goals to build the overall organization.

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