Leadership Word Of The Week…Stay

Staying involves remaining in the same place, a specified state or position.

One of the most important lessons when someone is lost, is to stop walking around trying to find a way out and stay in a visible place until someone finds them.

Continuing to walk around in a lost state brings confusion and frustration. The more someone walks around the greater the tendency to walk in circles, or drift further away from where there is help.

There are numerous spiritual applications that can be drawn from the reality of the physical nature of being lost.

People are wandering around in a lost condition and, sadly, they continue walking in circles because they do not have someone to show them the way out.

The challenge for leadership is finding those who are lost and lead them where God desires.

The need for leaders is to understand that to lead others out, they cannot conform to the world to lure others through some form of worldly method, but to remain secure in the truth of God’s Word. Here is the only position that will help bring salvation.

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