Let God Be Magnified…

The nature of this Psalm is one that addresses the salvation / deliverance of God. While David expresses his desire for God to humiliate, turn back, and dishonor his enemies, he also expresses how God should be magnified by those who seek and love Him.

Spiritual leaders today must be those who magnify God on the same basis.

Seeking God involves the following thoughts: 1) establishing the right priorities,  2) seeking what God desires for all the world (social justice, salvation, faithfulness and righteousness), and it also carries the idea of avoiding areas that hinder our ability to stand in His presence.

Loving God is always connected in one way or another to obedience. God’s law, His discipline, is given to us because of His love for us. Our obedience is the demonstration of our love for Him. Loving God is also an expression of our gratitude.

Understanding the realm of these two ideas helps leaders in developing the spiritual character that is built upon seeking and loving God in the ways that magnify Him above all else on earth.

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